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NOAA Mariners Chart - MapShades

What is a NOAA chart?
Produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the navigational chart is one of the most important tools for mariners. A nautical chart is a graphic portrayal of the marine environment. It shows the nature and form of the coast, water depths, locations of man-made aids to navigation, and dangers to sea-faring vessels.

  • These practical and durable chart lamp shades make personal and unique gifts for those who have island homes and love sailing and yachting.

  • They are a beautiful and long-lasting memento of your honeymoon trip, favorite beach, fishing expedition,
    ocean cruise, vacation destination,
    family get-a-way, or childhood memory.


NOAA Chart, Provincetown, MA MapShade
NOAA Chart
Provincetown, MA
size 6x14x9"

NOAA navigational charts are available for any place in the world, and are individually ordered for each MapShade. They are very large heavy paper charts which can accommodate almost any size lamp shade. The maps have a white background and are printed with light blue and tan inks.

NOAA Navigational Chart MapShades

NOAA Chart, Key West, FL MapShade
NOAA MapShade - Key West, FL
6x18x12" with tan stitching

NOAA Chart, Provincetown, MA MapShade
NOAA MapShade - Provincetown, MA
6x14x9" with hemp stitching

NOAA MapShade - Watch Hill, R.I.
NOAA MapShade
Watch Hill, R.I.
4x6x7" with tan stitching
and candle clip hardware

NOAA MapShade, Deer Isle and Isle Au Haut, ME
NOAA MapShade
Deer Isle & Isle Au Haut, ME
6x12x9" with tan stitching

NOAA MapShade - Fishers Island, NY
NOAA MapShade
Fishers Island, NY
7x14x10" with tan stitching

NOAA Chart, Lake Champlain, VT MapShade
NOAA MapShade
Grand Isle, Lake Champlain, VT
6x18x12" with hemp cord stitching

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