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MapShades - Lampshade Description

  • These lampshades are made of the highest quality materials and are completely hand cut and hand stitched to feature the area of your choosing.

  • The paper map is sandwiched between a fiberglass under layer, and protected by a polycarbonate film which is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

  • They are then stitched to the hardware of your choice with raffia ribbon or thin hemp cord.

  • Hardware varieties include clip-top, washer top, bridge lamp and chimney.

  • We have many sizes to choose from, but may be limited by the size and shape of the map, and the area you wish to feature.

What is the Difference Between a Map and a Chart?

A map emphasizes land forms, usually including a representation of relief, and surface paths such as roads and trails. Shorelines are represented in approximation and at mean sea level. It is a static document which serves as a reference guide and can not be used to plot a course as special consideration for the type of vehicle or condition of roads is rarely given. MapShades are made with United States Government Survey topographic maps.

A chart, especially a nautical chart, is a working document used by navigators to plot courses for boats in bodies of water. It shows a very detailed and accurate representation of the coastline, as well as critical information of the area below the water surface. This information may include tidal levels, water depths, buoys, wrecks, rocks or obstructions, and may indicate points and positions where specific maneuvers, such as changing courses, must be performed. MapShades are made with Duncan Press lake charts or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration charts.




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